I was working with a client in my coaching program who was really struggling! When we first met, they weren’t working due to an injury and no income was coming in. As time progressed, things got worse and they were on the verge of bankruptcy and losing “everything”. I remember sitting in her home as she explained through tears that the situation was desperate and she only had 30 days before things got really bad.

I asked her if she was studying the program and focusing on her goals and her vision. She said, “yes I am and it isn’t working”! I said, yes it is! And she countered with, “no you don’t understand, I’m studying every morning and every night like you told me, I’m focusing on my goal every day and it isn’t working”! I said, yes it is!

In her frustration and desperate state she couldn’t seem to muster up the Faith to believe that what she was doing was working or paying off. I reminded her about the secret in Think and Grow Rich and that if you focus on your goal and follow the principles that I’m teaching it will work.

Several weeks later, things started to happen for them. My client has an amazing idea and an awesome goal and if they stay focused on it, it will happen by law! About 2 weeks ago they explained that they were 9 days away from losing their home and their business and bankruptcy was the only option. But they kept focusing on their goal and through repetition using auto-suggestion (the 3rd principle on Think and Grow Rich) they would would develop Faith that would deliver what they needed to realize their goal.

I got a call last Friday and they were updating me on their results and they announced they had $10,000 coming next week and $15,000 the following week. I laughed so hard out loud and I asked, Is it working now?

If you don’t have a goal that you are in love with then you have no direction in your life. The secret to changing your life is to develop a burning desire for what you want, use auto-suggestion to develop your faith that you can achieve what you believe and back it with persistence.

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