You are here for a reason! It’s your job to find out why and then do it. Don’t let your family, your friends, your limiting beliefs or your fear hold you back! You can become the “Lead” in your own movie!

I don’t know what you’re doing right now in your life but I want you to close your eyes and imagine.

Remember when you were eight years old, what did you dream of being?

 What were you going to be when you grew up? I know you had a dream for your life but somewhere along the way somebody talked you out of it.

You can do anything you know! The only thing holding you back are your limiting beliefs. You weren’t born with those beliefs, you inherited them! Imagine when you arrived here on earth that you landed in Nelson Mandela’s family or Ghandi’s family or Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Maybe then you’d believe what you’re capable of. Nobody in the entire universe knows what you are capable of, not even you.

Why not give your dream a chance? What if I’m right and you really could Do, Be or Have anything you wanted?

Goal setting is an intellectual, logical process but goal achievement is a lawful process. This universe operates by precise laws, all you need to do is get in harmony with the law. Sounds complicated right? It’s not if you understand them.

Dedicate your life to studying you and how you fit in. If you do that, you will discover the reason you are here and soon your limiting beliefs will fall away and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities you see.

Rather than asking me to prove to you you I’m right, why not try and prove me wrong? Take time for you, study yourself and find the Lead Role you were meant to play!