You don’t have to be ready for something that hasn’t happened yet. What I mean by that is that people think way ahead of themselves. So many times people develop a fantastic goal and get all fired up to achieve it. Then they worry about all the things they have to do to reach that goal not realizing that by doing this they set themselves up for a stall. A stall happens when you get paralyzed with fear by thinking of all of the things you need to do. Or maybe you don’t know “how” to do something or you’re afraid or lack self-confidence then you end up stalling because of the steps ahead. You end up shrinking back from thinking you can achieve your goal and end up stuck doing nothing.

Here’s the key. When you have a goal just focus on the first few steps. Just get started! Take the first step and that will led to the next step. As you take each step you will build confidence and motivation because you will feel good each time you move forward. If you are at step one of the process don’t worry that you don’t know how to accomplish step ten – you’re not there yet!

Making change and taking action requires you to build up your stamina by taking small action steps frequently. Think of the the first step, do that, then prepare for the next step. Go as far as you can until you can’t see anymore and when you get there you will see the next steps. Before you know it you will be that much closer to your goal. The point is to do one step at a time.

Reaching your goal is a lot like climbing a mountain, you may look ahead and see an obstacle a 100 feet above that cannot be surpassed and you become paralyzed by fear. Most of us would head back down the mountain in the face of the challenge rather than keep climbing. But if you just move one hand and then one foot you will realize the obstacle wasn’t as difficult as it seemed. And as you move up the mountain you will gain courage to overcome the challenge, summit the mountain and meet your goal.

Stop thinking ahead and worrying about “how” to do something! Take one step towards your goal and the next step will appear.

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